Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

"It pays to maintain your equipment". Our customers with maintenance contracts receive priority service and preferred customer rate. 

 Our preventive maintenance programs are designed to keep your system in top operating condition and meet all warranty requirements.  More importantly, we thoroughly inspect critical components using the latest diagnostic equipment.

As a result minor defects are spotted and corrected before major system breakdown occurs.

Every preventive maintenance program is tailored to your buildings needs, budget, and equipment requirements. 



You may not realize it, but your A/C unit loses around 5% of its efficiency for each year that it runs. Over time, components weaken and break down, and without routine maintenance, you could end up paying some major repair bills or having to replace the unit altogether.

Fortunately, you can keep your A/C running at full capacity by simply performing routine maintenance.

Save on your electric bill

You’re probably keenly aware of how high your power bills can get during the heat of summer. The A/C is a huge power of your power consumption, and it will pull more and more power for each year that it goes without maintenance. Even if you have an energy-efficient A/C, those years of neglect add up and you’ll end up paying for it when your power bill comes in each month. The good news is, proper care and maintenance can keep that unit running at up to 95% of its original efficiency.

Save on repairs

The fact is, it costs a whole lot more to fix something than it does to maintain it. Sooner or later, neglect will catch up with you – and it’s when temperatures are high that your A/C is most likely to break down. Regular maintenance significantly decreases the chances of your A/C breaking down unexpectedly.

A good HVAC company will clean coils, check for leaks, check Freon levels, check safety circuits, check current draw of all loads, check temperature split and replace filters. All those little things might seem negligible, but a small leak or dirty filter can end up doing serious damage to your perfect climate control – and your wallet – if the problem is allowed to escalate. A small investment now can save you some serious cash down the line.

Save your warranty

You may have gotten a great warranty with your A/C unit, but did you know that your factory warranty may be void if you neglect maintenance. Many manufacturers require annual maintenance for the warranty to be honored. Your A/C may still be technically under warranty, but if you’ve neglected maintenance, you might just end up having to pay for needed repairs out of pocket.